Butterfly Release

Butterfly Release

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Join us in the beautiful experience of releasing farm raised Painted Lady Butterflies into our lavender field. This year our ladies should be emerging and ready to be released EXTENDED DATES June 16-17. Learn about the life cycle of these lovely ladies and why they are so beneficial. With each ticket purchased you will be able to hold and release your own Painted Lady. For everyone’s safety and enjoyment of this special event there will be a maximum of 8 people per scheduled release. There will be time after you release your butterfly to meet our other residents here at the farm and to visit our farm shop to see the handcrafted lavender products that we offer. 

* Please call 503-341-6151 to schedule your appointment after you have purchased you tickets.

* Please be on time for your scheduled appointment as we will have several releases per day until all of the Painted Ladies have taken flight.

* The only time we would reschedule an appointment would be due to a rain event (as we don’t release the butterflies in that type of weather).

* No refunds or exchanges